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Metcon (No Measure)

Trying something new.
Hey Folks!

I want to try something new. You will now see L1,L2,L3,&L4 for prescription options. I want you to think of L3 as RX, and L4 as RX+. L1 will be(hopefully) first two weeks of someone trying CrossFit. L2 will be(hopefully) when someone is deficient in a skill or weight that they are developing.

If you do L3, then you can hit RX. if you do L4, you can hit RX+. When we have no RX+/L4 option, I will announce that(usually noted by “just go faster”) but it will be labeled as L3.

A: 1.5 Miles for Time (Time)

1.5 Miles, but for time

B: Overhead Toss (Distance)

3 attempts. Throw a ball for max distance. The roll counts

C: Standing Triple Jump (Distance)

Two feet, One foot, One foot, Two feet.

D: Metcon (Time)

For Time
50 Jump Rope

20 Burpees over Bar

15 Pwr Snatch

20 Burpees over bar

50 Jump Rope

L1=100 Single Unders, Regular Burpees, RKBS

L2=100 singles, regular burpees, AKBS

L3= 50 Double Under attempts, burpees over bar, pwr snatch 95/65

L4= 50 Double Unders, burpees over bar, pwr snatch 115/85.