CrossFit Carolina Beach – Competitors Training

– Strength: Week 1 of DE work with the Power Clean and Box Squat. Use your 1RM Back Squat for your Back Squat numbers today. Make sure you are AT PARALLEL with these.

– Metcon: The goal today is beat your previous score for both time and load. We are ending with rowing intervals that should be challenging but sustainable for ALL sets.

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A: Seated Dynamic Box Jumps (25 reps total after warm up)

add a light weighted vest after you’ve performed 10 jumps at bodyweight

B: Power Clean (6 x 3 @75% of Last Monday, every 90s.)

reset each rep

C: Box Squats (10 x 2 @50% + 25% Band tension, every 60 seconds)

Squat to a Box
– use your Back Squat 1RM

– This should be a PARALLEL Squat, roughly 16″ Box.


D: Crossfit Games Open 18.2 (Ages 16-54) (Time)

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps

for time of:

Dumbbell squats 50/35 lb

Bar-facing burpees

-12 minute time cap

– If you finish under the time cap, use remaining time to complete 18.2a

– If you don’t finish before the time cap, add 1 second for every rep you don’t complete before the time cap

E: Crossfit Games Open 18.2 A (all divisions) (Weight)

Use the remaining time from 18.2 to accomplish a 1RM clean

F: Metcon (Time)

Rest until recovered,


4 Rounds of:

500m Row. Rest 2:00

score slowest, but stay consistent.

Accessory Work

G: Glute-Ham Raises (Accumulate 50 reps)

*Perform 6-10, HEAVY weighted straight leg sit-ups after each set.


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