Customer of the MonthJanuary

Kevin English

Career: Sales

Years at CrossFit Carolina Beach: 2

I wanna be top 200 in my age group in the Open next year!

How long at CFCB?

Coming up on 1.5 year. No CrossFit before this. Emma dragged me in, she was watching videos of Sara Sigmundsdottir and said, “We gotta do this, Dad!”

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Really proud of the progress I have made over time, having it ingrained into my lifestyle.

What would be your namesake workout?

Is there one with wall balls and rowing? 19.1? Maybe add some pull-ups, that would be a good one.

What’s your biggest goal for the next year.

Oh yeah, I wanna be top 200 in my age group in the open next year.

What is your most recent PR?

I PR’d the heck out of Karen last week. 7:10 was a 1.5 minute PR!

What do you love about CFCB?

Definitely 100% the people, the community and the coaches.

What are your activities outside the gym?

I surf, I fish and unfortunately I work a lot

What is your favorite meal?

Probably a big ol’ stack of pancakes. A good carb up meal!I do a lot of Kodiak cakes, add eggs, add milk, sometime cottage cheese, I’ll add anything in there, some bananas, blueberries. Serve it with a side of bacon and we are on!


I’ve got a double major in philosophy and psychology. I’m perfectly set up to be a bartender!

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