CrossFit Carolina Beach – Competitors Training

– Strength: Similar work to last week (last Thursday.) Don’t let this work fool you; everything should be challenging today despite there not being an actual ”metcon.” This is the final week of this Back Squat work.

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A: Back Squat (2 x 3 @80%, 2 x 3 @85%, 2 x 1 @90%, 1 x AMRAP@75%)

Rest 2:00

– Use whatever stance you’re most comfortable with

B: Sled Push (10 x 100 ft. Rest 90s.)

– these should be HARD pushes

C: Yoke Carry (Back Rack) (10 x 100 Ft. Rest 90s. – use a challenging weight )

Back Rack Yoke Carry

D: Reverse Hypers (4 x 25 @50% of your Back Squat. Rest 60s.)

E: Metcon (No Measure)

Global Recovery Foam Rolling + 5 Minutes of P. Breathing

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