I Used to be the Victim

I love Black Jack.


Now, I’m not really a gambler, but Black Jack is a fun game that blurs the lines between skill and chance.


Not sure how much skill is involved?


You can go to a casino and watch the dealer rake in win after win. They know the game, the percentages, the chances, and when not to take them.


An interesting thing happens sometimes where you lose again and again.  Your mindset starts to shift. You start to become a victim.


You feel stuck with the cards you are dealt.


The odds are against you.


Everyone else is winning and you are not.


They say the table has “gone cold” when this happens.



an experienced player isn’t worried about this.  Here’s what they do…


They recognize the table has gone cold.

They fold their cards.

They walk to another table.

They continue playing.  


It’s that easy.


They are still playing the same game.  They still have the same intentions, but they recognized they were in a losing turn, and they also realize that they chose that table.  Time to move to a different one.


Walking away and choosing another table is very easy.  It may not feel that way at that moment, but when you do walk away, you realize it is always that easy.


And when you do step away, you realize you were always in control.  You have always had that power, and when you know it, you feel in even more control and in even more power.


What do you need to step away from?


And more importantly, what are you going to do when you do step away?


I hope you’ll do something important.  I hope you will create something amazing.

Whether you go to the gym to create some new muscles, go to the kitchen to create some food, or sit down at the computer to create that report for work, I hope you create something amazing.


We make ourselves the victim.  I hope you step away with the power you’ve always had, and I when you do, I hope you do something important.


Go get ‘em.

Your CFCB Fam

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