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– Strength: Today we are using accommodating resistance(AR) for a deadlift max. AR forces us to be aggressive through full ROM and prevents us from using heavier loads which are more taxing on the body. AR accommodates the strength curve meaning it’s hardest where you are strongest and easiest where you are weakest. You should be aggressive and shoot for 80% of your current 1RM (non-banded deadlift). We will need this number for the next 3-weeks for a dynamic effort cycle.

– GPP: Today’s work is a nice compliment to our strength work. This work should be done at 100% effort where both the carries and pushes are heavy/challenging. The rest interval does NOT need to be precise; you just need to be rested enough to repeat the same output.

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A: Warm-up (No Measure)

3 Rounds of:

10 Walking Lunges

10 X-Band Walks Left

10 X-Band Walks Right

10 Banded Goodmornings

Rest as needed.


Spend 5 Minutes reviewing Banded Deadlift, going over how to set-up, the significance of using

accommodating resistance (see notes), and practicing.


B: Banded Conventional Deadlift (1RM. Rest 2-3:00.)

Beginner: 5 x 5, no band. Reset on each rep working on perfect technique. Add weight only if form

permits. Rest 2:00.


C: Metcon (Weight)

5 Rounds of:

Heavy Sledpush x 40 yards

Heavy Farmer Carry x 40 yards

Rest 2:00
*Alternate Option:

5 Rounds with a partner:

15 Band Resisted Russian Swings

40 Yard Farmer Carry, AHAP.

*Work is NOT split. This done with a partner to have built-in rest and save equipment. This workout is

NOT for time.

Score weight on Farmer Carry. Right weight on sled in notes.

Extra Credit

D: Deadbug + Reverse Crunch (3 x 12. Rest 60s.)


We recommend holding a heavy KB for support.
– Focus on big inhale + exhale when leg extends

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