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If you made it this far, to our website, you’ve probably already made the decision that you are committed and ready to get in shape.  CrossFit Carolina Beach is committed and ready to help you make fitness a part of your life, not just a passing phase.  This is possible through the CB Fitness Approach- a focus on personalized goal setting and functional fitness through CrossFit.

We are committed not only to helping you to have fitness as a part of your life, but also to having your hour at the gym be the best hour of your day!  Helping you identify personal goals and partnering with you to develop a game plan that makes sense helps drive the focus while allowing you to enjoy the great community that exists at CrossFit Carolina Beach.

We do understand that functional fitness can seem intimidating, and that is why we have created our Carolina Beach On-Ramp program.  This program is designed to help you build a great base level of fitness while learning the commonly used movements of CrossFit.  Once On-Ramp is completed athletes move on to group classes where they find unprecedented personal growth of self and of community.   We are committed to changing lives and positively influencing our community.  We are here to serve you.


Our Facility

Located at the south end of Wilmington at Myrtle Grove/Monkey Junction, CrossFit Carolina Beach has a large 4,200sq ft. facility that houses all the equipment necessary to improve your fitness and more than enough room for group classes, individual design, and one on one training.