Part One To Your Story

What was life like before you opened a gym? Jordan and Joel met in Asheville at CrossFit Asheville where they both started around 2011. CrossFit was rad and captivated them both.  Joel sold his restaurants and went all in.  Jordan, after finishing grad school and working in healthcare for a few years had started coaching part time for the love of the game. Any obstacles you’veThey both went all in and haven’t looked back.

Part Two To Your Story

They bought CrossFit Carolina Beach in 2016 when Joel’s family decided it was time to experience a new local.


There are many joys in the process and integrating the ideas and backgrounds into an existing community, and growing that community, are irreplaceable experiences.

Part Three To Your Story

The gym keeps growing, and the passion for helping people go from where they are to where they want to be grows with it.


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