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– Metcon: Today we will complete an active recovery metcon with a partner. Aim between 60-70% effort on all movements. Form should remain consistent and efficient throughout the entire workout. Partners can split work as desired. Each movement will be completed for 10 minutes before moving on to the next movement. Farmer’s carry will be as heavy as possible.

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A: Warm-up (No Measure)

Warm up game in 2 teams

Power Walk Races

(really commit to these – work those hips)


BP Dynamic Warm-up which Consists of:

High Knees

Butt Kickers

Inside Taps

Outside Taps

A Skip

B Skip

Knee Hug + Lunge w. forearm to floor + thoracic rotation + toe point

Leg Swing opposite toe to opposite hand


Jumping Jack Shuffle (switch half way)

90 Degree Hip Rotation

X-Band Walks x 10 steps each direction + banded good morning x 2 rounds without stopping


B: Metcon (Distance)

With a partner splitting work evenly:

10 Minutes of Rowing for max distance

10 Minutes of Bike or Ski Erg for max calories

10 Minutes of Jogging or Sledpull Powerwalk for max distance (or sledpush)

10 Minutes of Farmer Carries, AHAP for max distance
*One person works. Split as desired.

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