Reindeer Games

CrossFit Carolina Beach – Competitors Training

– Strength: Build to a 1RM Front Squat over the course of 7-9 sets. Last tested on 8/13.
Touch n go deadlifts are aimed at improving your efficiency as you build to 2-3 challenging rounds.

– Metcon: This Metcon will challenge every aspect of your performance ie. breathing, local fatigue, gymnastics, barbell cycling. Effort should be around 85-90%. Denote times from each section and your TOTAL time.

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A: Front Squat (1RM.)

B: Deadlift (8 x 3, every 60s.)

– Start at 50% and build in weight

– Your last 2-3 sets should be very challenging.


C: Reindeer Games (Time)

For total time:

50 Front Rack Walking Lunges (135, 95)

30 T2B

Rest 4:00

40 Power Cleans (135, 95)

30 T2B

Rest 4:00

30 Power Snatch (135, 95)

30 T2B

Accessory Work

D: Reverse Hypers (3 x 30 @25% of Back Squat. Rest 90s.)

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