Sept 6

CrossFit Carolina Beach – CrossFit

Friday, Sep. 7th we will have amended hours.

In the morning: 6:00am&7:00pm
In the evening: 5:00pm&6:00pm

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A: Metcon (No Measure)

7 Minutes of Dynamic Warm-up including lunges, skips, jumps, shuffles, high knees, butt kickers, carioca,

backpedal, 90 degree hip rotation, burpee broad jumps.


Grab two DBs and complete:

5 DB Power Cleans

5 DB Front Squats

5 DB Push Press

Rest 30s

5 DB Power Cleans

5 DB Thrusters
*This give you a good idea of weight choices for the Metcon.


B: Speed Back Squats (3 x 3 @70%, 3 x 3 @75%. Rest 90s after each set.)

Metcon Prep

C: Metcon (Weight)

DB Power Clean + DB Thrusters
3 x 3 + 3. Rest 60s.


D: Freshman V2 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


7 DB Power Cleans (50, 35)

7 DB Thrusters (50, 35)
L3: (40, 30)

L2: (30, 20)

L1: (25, 15)

Beginner Option:


7 DB Thrusters (light)

7 Squat Thrusts or 7 Burpees

Extra Credit

E: Metcon (No Measure)

Banded Alphabet: Complete 3 sets (1 set on each side = 1 set). Rest 60s.
*This is an anti-rotation, anterior core movement. Brace hard and resist rotation

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