Sprint and Plateau

Sometimes you feel beat up.


Life is hard, and you are just stuck in the wringer.


Other times, it all seems manageable.  The length of your stride increases and breathing becomes easier.

Can you have one without the other?


Probably not.


Is the joy of effort subdued without the struggle to learn or to gain?


It probably is.

An excerpt from Seth Godin-


“Imagine the trajectory of your personal and professional growth–plotted as a staircase. If we think about sprints as periods of growth, they would be the vertical incline on stairs.

These are times when you’re:

leveling up,

running as fast as you can,

focusing on one thing,

ignoring all else,

reaching an apex.

Sprints feel like what you’d imagine trying to climb a vertical wall would feel like.

The horizontal lines would be plateaus. Plateaus are times when you feel confident. You’re taking things in stride, you’re rallying without missing a beat, you’re on top of your game.

Plateaus have a negative connotation, but they’re not necessarily bad. You need certain periods to regain your confidence after going through the wringer. You want to remember that you are, in fact, a competent professional.

But rest too long in a plateau, and understand it for what it is: a secure place where growth is incremental.”

Go get ’em.



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