Strategy vs Tactics

Our strategy is to help first.


How can we add value?

How can we improve our services while improving your life?

How can we make this an unforgettable experience?


We work to find more answers to these questions each day.  This is our strategy.

The answers to the questions are the tactics we use to help you on your journey.



Our tactics may include creating the best video ever(this hasn’t been done yet).

We may publish amazing blog posts with free info.  We may share skills and drills that can reduce pains and improve quality of life.



Help first.

Find a pain point.

Assert a solution.

This is what we do.



It’s not for everyone, but when it’s for you, no one else matters.


If you have foot or knee pain, check out this video.  Try out the exercises.  See if they help.


If they do not help, feel free to reach out to me at and we can talk about some other options.

Go get ’em.

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