CrossFit Carolina Beach – Competitors Training

– Strength: All work should be fast and efficient today. For your box squats, use a parallel box – if you’re not able to use chains use band tension or straight weight at 60%.

– GPP: All sets of sledpulls should be decently heavy. The medball will be held low on your hips.

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A: Squat Snatch (6 x 2 @75%, every 60s. – reset on each rep.)

B: Wide Stance Box Squats (8 x 3 @50% + 25% of chain, every 60s.)

C: Weighted Box Jump (8 x 3, every 60s.)

Only the box jump here(no depth drops), but notice how he reaches full hip extension and lands on box with nearly straight legs. That is today’s goal.

Maybe jump onto plates to achieve this tall landing.


D: Sled Drag Power Walk ( 6 x 60 yards(2 laps inside). Rest 60s. )
– wear a weighted vest

– carry a moderately heavy medball low on hips – 50# guys/30# for ladies.

– Sled weight should be heavy but allow for forceful steps.

Accessory Work

E: Standing Banded Ab Pulldowns (heavy band: 6 x 10.)

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