John Pio

"Home away from home"

John Pio

When my family bought a vacation home in Carolina Beach last year one of my priorities was to find a CrossFit “home away from home”.  And boy, did I find that and more at CrossFit Carolina Beach!  I’ve been doing CrossFit for over 5 years and have been to a number of CrossFit facilities during business travel, and CFCB ranks at the top!  Here are just a few reasons.  The first is the quality of the workout programming.  Every day is different, but always working towards a goal.  They do a great job of mixing it up.  There is something for everyone, and the coaches will work with you to scale the workout to your level.  The second reason is the coaching.  Joel, Jordan and Marissa are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and fun!  They truly believe in what they are doing and it really shows!  They are always looking to help, whether it’s giving pointers to help with a lift or providing encouragement during a workout, it’s obvious that they really care about their athletes.  The final reason, and probably the biggest reason, is the community.  CFCB has a real sense of community, and even though I’m a “part-timer”, they have accepted me into their family.  And it’s not just while we are at the gym.  It seems like there is always something going on, and folks are always getting together outside of CrossFit.  It’s great to have others to do things with, and I look forward to continuing to get to learn the area with this community!  I know it’s kind of cliché to say, but when I’m at the beach the best hour of my day is spent at CFCB!


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