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CrossFit Carolina Beach – Competitors Training

– GPP: Today is the perfect day to perform some GPP work consisting of sledwork, loaded carries, and recovery work. You can push this work as hard as you’d like today based on how you’re feeling as this work will increase recovery and capacity. We’ll get back to our normal schedule of training Thursday DE Lower on Thursday, ME Upper of Friday.

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A: Metcon (No Measure)

10 Rounds of:

60 Yard Sledpull Powerwalk or Push, AHAP. Rest 60s.


10 Rounds of:

30 Yard Front Rack Barbell Carry, (135, 95). Rest 60s.


20 Minutes of or “Recovery”

Row, Bike, Jog, or light sledpull at a sustainable/easy pace.

Score = Your 60-day goal

Accessory Work

B: Metcon (No Measure)

100 Reps each of:

– Prone Banded Hamstring Curls

– Banded Facepull-aparts

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