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– Strength: Today is week 2 of our Front Box Squats, speed pulls, and jumps. This work is meant to be fast/explosive and form and speed should not be compromised on any sets. Remember, this work is incredibly beneficial in utilizing fast twitch muscle fiber. Box Front Squats are only 5% heavier from last week – you would be better served going lighter vs heavier if there is any question.

– Metcon: Benchmark workout that is going to challenge you to hang on to a tough pace. Cleans should be light and capable of being done in big sets. Last tested on 1/31.

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A: Front Box Squats (10 x 2 @55-65% of Front Squat, every 60s.)

– Wider than normal Squat Stance

– Parallel box (same used for back Box Squats)

B: Sumo Deadlift Against bands (8 x 1 @55% + band tension every 30 sec)

C: Kneeling jump + box jump (6 x 3, every 60s. Add weight vest if you want)


Accessory Work

D: Tugboat (Time)

2 RFT:

25 Power Cleans (115, 75)

25 Bar Facing Burpees

L3: (95, 65)

L2: (75, 55)

L1: (95, 65 Clean Grip Deadlifts) (Regular Burpees)

10:00 Cap

Accessory Work

E: Metcon (No Measure)

Glute Ham Raises: 4 x 8. Rest 90s.


Single Leg Barbell RDLs: 4 x 6 ea. Rest 90s.

– lightweight

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