What are YOUR numbers?

“I want to lose 15#’s in the next 3 months.”


This is by far the most common goal we get from potential members in our No Sweat Intro sessions.


I’ve heard more than a few amazing people come in with this as the stated goal.

Why is that the goal?

It is a common goal, a very popular goal, but could it be someone else’s goal? We’ve certainly seen numerous folks lose that and more, some with 25#’s lost in 3 months.


There are many things we can do to get you down 15#’s in the next 3 months, but are they the right things?  Are the thing most sustainable things? Are they the types of things that are going to build habits and results that last a lifetime?


Maybe.  Maybe not.


It’s your body.  Let’s find out a few things, like first, what is your main goal in life?  Does the goal of weight loss support that life goal? Are you already hungry all the time? Are you already tired of dieting?


There are a few different ways to approach the goal, and it starts by finding out more about you.


We have a body composition machine that measures muscle mass and body fat percentages.  Let’s see where you are first, and then design a plan to help you crush all your life goals.


It starts with making them your own goals, first.


It’s your body.  It is worth finding your metrics.


This type of review is given to all of our current members once a quarter.  This helps us realign and right the ship when things go off course.


So, what are your numbers?


Go get ‘em.


You can schedule a free No Sweat Intro and a body composition scan here.


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