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Created to meet you where you are!

Never worked out a day in your life?  Want to have an exclusive guide to start your fitness journey?

Are you already a member?  Want to achieve your goals faster?

Our personal training options are designed to meet you where you are and to take you where you want to go.

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Personal Training offered at $70 an hour and get you 1 on 1 to work on what you want to excel in.  

Small groups rates for 1 hour sessions are, 2:1=$60 per person.  3:1=$50 per person.  4:1=$40 person.

Small Group rates for half hour sessions are, 2:1=$35 per person. 3:1=$30 per person.  4:1=$25 per person.

1 Session=$70, 10 Sessions=5% Discount, 20 Session=10% Discount

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