Recipes For Healthier Living

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Beef Stew

  This delicious beef stew is packed with protein and is the perfect dinner on a day like today! You may add a number of veggies to this recipe as you like, but I will be making a little more simple version today. You absolutely may start with some cheaper beef, often sold as “stew …


Hearty Beef Chili

Hearty Beef Chili A great meal for those cold winter days (even if it rarely gets cold in Wilmington!) this Chili is easy to make, tastes great and is packed with protein. I usually eat it with some cheddar cheese sprinkled on top and a big scoop of sour cream, but it is delicious on …


Shredded Buffalo Chicken

  This meal is a staple in our household! It’s an incredible protein source, macro friendly and KID friendly take on the favorite “Buffalo Chicken”. Throw on top of a bed of rice, salad or stuff in a baked potato!    


Salmon Cakes

The perfect salad topper, sandwich stuffer or breakfast hash-er! You can sub out tuna for salmon and make this fit your needs and preferences.Such an EASY and delicious lunch staple on hotter days!


Quinoa Turkey Meatballs

This delicious recipe is SO easy and SO convenient. We add it to our weekly meal prep when we know we will be in and out of the house. These meatballs are perfect for a grab-and-go lunch or on top of a bed of zoodles for dinner. Try adding it into your meal prep this …


Chipotle-Inspired Cilantro Lime Quinoa

Raise your hand if you too get sad when your fork hits the bottom of your chipotle bowl?!  Today we’re scheming with our favorite homemade version of the delicious rice. We’re mixing it up with quinoa and adding this as a weekly staple to our meal prep!