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– Strength: The goal today is to be fast on all sets of speed bench press using a medium grip – opt for less weight if needed. We’ll then perform a ”challenge set” of max reps with the same weight we used for our speed sets. This will be repeated next week without the challenge set.
– Metcon: Today’s chipper is meant to be done at a slow and consistent pace – 75% effort. Pick a pace you know you can maintain and try to hold on to that pace for the entire workout.

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A: Warm-up (No Measure)

Grab two light DBs + KB + Jump Rope and complete:

40 Single Unders

30 Renegade Rows (total)

20 DB Push Press

10 DB Push-ups (or knee push-ups)

20 Double DB Rows

30 Hollow Rocks

40 Double Unders (or attempts)


Spend the next 7 Minutes Reviewing the Bench Press + Straight Leg Raises


B: Metcon (Weight)

Speed Medium Grip Bench Press + Challenge Set
6 x 3 @50% of 1RM Bench Press, every 60s.

– each set should be AFAP – both eccentric and concentric ROM


1 x Max Reps @50%


C: Metcon (Time)

For time:

Buy in:

100 Double Unders


100 total DB Renegade Rows (50, 35) (50 per arm)

100 DB Snatches (50, 35) (50 EACH arm)

100 Single Arm DB Push Press (50, 35) (50 EACH arm)


100 Double Unders

L3 – 40/25 75 DUs in and out

L2 – 30/20 150 SUs in and out

L1 – 25/15 x 70 reps per movement & 100 Sus in and out

Extra Credit

D: Delt Burner 4 (3 x 5-8 reps. rest 90 sec)

Front raise, hold 1 sec

Retract to lateral raise position,

Hold 1 sec

Lateral raise, hold 1 sec,

Push to front raise position,

Hold 1 sec

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