David and Rachel Rakes

David and Rachel Rakes


Dave and Rachel are longtime members of CrossFit Carolina Beach and thrilled to carry the ownership torch!

Rachel, originally from the Northeast, has lived in Wilmington for more than 15 years, and has been a member of CrossFit Carolina Beach since 2013. After realizing that running was making her fast, but not very strong- she stepped into the original CFCB location and fell in love with the community, the workouts, and the idea of functional fitness in general (and got stronger!).

In her own words: The challenges that CrossFit offers, and how they translate into your life, are unmatched for me. I’ve done a little bit of everything when it comes to physical fitness, and I’ve not found anything as personally rewarding, motivating, and humbling as CrossFit. I truly believe this is a sport that teaches you SO many things that can influence all areas of your life: getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, perseverance, that you *can* do hard things, and that even when you think you’re good- you can do better.

CrossFit Carolina Beach also happens to be where these two met- Dave, a native Texan, was looking for the right fit for his new CrossFit hobby and found not only an amazing community of fun, supportive people- but his future wife. He joined the gym as a member, then retired from the military and became a coach, and when the opportunity came to purchase the gym, it was the perfect fit.

Together they live in the Wilmington area with their 4 teenagers and 2 dogs. They enjoy all the perks of living at the beach, the lifestyle that coastal Carolina offers, and making a positive difference in their community. Dave and Rachel look forward to serving CFCB members and continuing to grow in their CrossFit journey!

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