Jess Wold

Jess Wold


Jess discovered her love for fitness and nutrition in 2007, after years spent pounding on a treadmill at the gym without ever seeing results.  A friend was thinking of opening a CrossFIt affiliate, and she decided to give it a try.  Walking through those doors changed her life.

She fell in love with the workouts but more importantly, she loved the community.  It motivated her to learn everything she could about fitness and nutrition.

She got certified as a CrossFit coach in 2008 and opened her own gym in 2011 in Troy, NY which she owned for 8 years.  Jess moved to Wilmington in 2019 and has had the pleasure of coaching at CFCB since 2021.

CF Level 1
CF Power Lifting
CF Mobility
CF Nutrition
IKFF Kettlebell
ACE Personal Trainer ACE Youth Sports Trainer
Precision Nutrition Level 1

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