Sean Moore

Sean Moore


Sean is a dedicated student of quality movement and has been a Certified Level 1 (CF-L1) Crossfit trainer since early 2022. His Crossfit journey began in 2016 after several years of neglect of his fitness. Growing up an athlete, Sean has always loved working and training hard to accomplish a goal. After his athletic career ended it was difficult to find purpose in his training. CrossFit re-established the sense of purpose Sean needed to make his fitness a priority again. Sean’s fitness journey has taken on multiple forms – from competitive athlete, to out of shape and unmotivated, to CrossFit obsessed and competing again, to  training with more of an emphasis on longevity. Sean recognizes how training needs not only vary from person to person, but also change over a person’s health span. Sean meets clients where they are in their fitness journey to help them reach their goals and get the most out of life. His dedication to expanding his knowledge of quality, technically sound movement comes across in his coaching style. Sean emphasizes quality of movement and safety above all else – the goal is always to be able to come back and train the following day!

Outside of the gym, Sean is a dedicated husband, father of two, son, and brother. You will often see his wife (Liz),  children (Grace and George), and parents (Steve and Joan) running amuck at CFCB. The chances of bumping into someone with the last name of “Moore” during morning classes at CFCB is very high every day of the week! Professionally Sean works in consulting leading teams through large-scale enterprise software implementations. While this work often takes away from the time he would rather spend in the gym, mentoring/leading his team and helping clients solve their most complex process and technology problems brings him immense fulfillment!  

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