Krissi Evans

 Krissi Evans


Krissi is the newest addition to the coaching staff, but has been a member of CFCB since 2017. 
She hold her CF-OL1 certificate and brings fun and intensity to the classes she coaches.
Krissi started her CrossFit journey 10 years ago and never looked back. As a mom of a 4 year old, Krissi loves to coach other moms and resonates with their journey. She also has a passion for Olympic lifting and you’ll often hear her on her soapbox discussing the merits of a hook grip. 

When she’s not coaching and momming, Krissi also owns a female and kid focused charter business that serves Carolina and Wrightsville beach. She teaches boating lessons and gets families out on the water to explore the islands right here in our backyard. Her coaching style has been complemented by years of experience teaching others out on the water. 

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