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CrossFit Carolina Beach – Competitors Training

– Strength: This is week 2 of our dynamic effort work. All sets should be fast/explosive but executed with perfect technique. We’ll then culminate this work with seated dynamic box jumps. Use a challenging height, but something well within your range – no one should be risking failing or falling with these. If that means they need to use a lower height then do so. This work though it may not seem important allows people to utilize fast-twitch muscle fiber – if you don’t use it you lose it! This is important because type 2 fibers aids in gaining lean muscle = improved body composition.

– Metcon: This is a brutal 5-minute AMRAP for the lower-body. Use a load that is challenging, but will allow you to keep moving for the entire 5 minutes. No one should be resting today – complete 1 round – drop the bar and then go again. 100% effort. Remember, it’s only 5 minutes so no one should be even having the time to look at the clock. For the second AMRAP, the same pacing applies – you have 10 minutes to fully recover to duplicate your level of effort.

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A: Wide Stance Box Squats (7 x 3 @55-65% of Back Squat 1RM, every 60s. – 15” )

B: Deadlift against a band (7 x 2@55% of Last Monday 1RM, every 30s.)


C: Crazy Train (AMRAP – Rounds)


1 Power Clean + 2 Front Rack Reverse Lunges + 3 Front Squat (135, 95)

L3: (115, 75)

L2: (95, 65)

L1: (75, 55)



5 DB Light Thrusters

5 Squat Thrusts

*all 6 reps = 1 round
Rest 10 minutes, then part 2.

D: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


5 Power Cleans (135, 95)

5 Hang Squat Cleans (135, 95)

Accessory Work

E: Metcon (No Measure)


Single Leg Banded Hamstring Curl

Banded Ab Pulldowns

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