D.E. (Dynamic Effort)

CrossFit Carolina Beach – Competitors Training

– Strength: Week 1 of new DE cycle (this will be a 2-week cycle, like our last 2-week cycle.) The goal today is explosion – all work should be explosive.

– Metcon: This piece is intended to challenge you from head to toe – in particular you may be surprised by the demand on the anterior core. This should be HEAVY – if you think 88/70 is not heavy for you, go heavier. There is no ”extra” conditioning today, but if possible perform BOTH reverse hypers and a sledpull for ”extra credit.”

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A: Back Squat (6 x 4 @75%, every 90s)

B: Sumo Deadlift Against bands (12 x 1 @50%, every 30s.)

C: Kneeling jump + box jump (6 x 3, every 60s.)



D: Metcon (Time)


KBS (88, 70)

Goblet Squat (88, 70)

Accessory Work

E: Reverse Hypers (4 x 25 @50% of Back Squat. Rest 60-90s.)

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