Easy 5-Step Checklist to Manage Your Health


When people ask us how to improve their health and nutrition, we ask a series of questions that highlight some biofeedback tools relating to their metabolism. A simple self-assessment can get you started onto the path of understanding and listening to your body.

S- sleep – Poor quality and quantity of sleep creates excess cortisol and insulin. Shoot for 8 hours of sleep a night. If that seems like A LOT at first, start to slowly increase your sleep by 15 minute increments. Avoid alcohol, drugs and technology to relax and get to sleep. Avoid technology or blue light within 90 minutes of sleep.

H- hunger- Sit when you eat, eat at least 3 meals a day of nutrient dense foods. Do you have an appetite? What foods does your body respond well to? Do you know how to adequately fuel yourself? (click here if you have questions about our nutrition program)

M-mood- Stable blood sugar levels (meal timing, macronutrient ratios), mindfulness or relaxation and movement are the antidotes for balanced brain chemicals. Exercise, a goods nights sleep, time relaxing are ALL amazing ways to ameliorate an otherwise bad mood.

E-energy- SLEEP IS EVERYTHING. On top of that, ensure your immune system is up to snuff and thyroid properly functioning.

C-cravings- Low energy, insufficient calories and poor sleep will increase cortisol, decrease our ability to make decisions and force us into old behavior patterns. The easiest way to mitigate cravings? Try to find non-food related ways to relax. If I watch tv while eating pretzels, teach yourself that these things do not HAVE to go together.


“Is your SHMEC in check?” is really a simple biofeedback tool that assesses your hormone metabolism, ability to fuel and recover. Small steps forwards in each of these areas will manage stress and make healthy living attainable AND sustainable.



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