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– Strength: Today is week 2 of our Back Squat rep work. All sets should be challenging, but there should not be any breakdown in technique. We’ll conclude today’s work with a challenging squat clean single over the course of 6 sets done every 60s.
– Metcon: Today’s metcon consists of a few elements mainly to train the posterior chain, grip, core, and aerobic system.

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A: Warm-up (No Measure)

100 Ft. of Knee Hug + Forearm to floor + Toe Point + Thoracic Rotation


Grab barbells and complete:

10 Romanian Deadlifts

10 Front Squats

10 Back Squats

10 Goodmornings (squeeze glutes at top)

10 Muscle Cleans


Review the squat clean

– 3 Clean Pulls

– 3 Power Cleans

– 3 Squat Cleans on the coaches call. Rest 10s-20s between sets of 3 giving your clients guidance & ques.


B: Back Squat (4/3 x 5 @80%. Rest 2:00)

– 4 warm-up sets/3 work sets

C: Squat Clean (6 x 1, every 60s.)

– add weight each set up to a heavy single.


D: Metcon (No Measure)

EMOM 16:

Minute 1: 10 Romanian Deadlifts (AHAP)

Minute 2: 10 Goblet Box Squats (AHAP)

Minute 3: 10 Air Squat Jumps

Minute 4: 180 Ft. Asymmetrical Carry (switch sides at 90 ft)

*Your choice of weights today – challenging, but there should not be any breakdown in technique.

Extra Credit

E: World’s Greatest Stretch30s each pose (No Measure)


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