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A: Warm-up (No Measure)

3 rounds not for time

10 banded pull aparts

10 air squats

2 inchworms

Main Lift

B: Landmine Romainian Deadlift (4 x 8-10 per side)

Accessory Work

C1: Kettlebell Swing (Russian) (5 x 8-10)

C2: Hanging Knee Raises (5 x 8-10)

Hang from a bar anyway that is comfortable. Pull knees to above parallel.

D: Delt Burner 4 (3 x 5)

Front raise, hold 1 sec

Retract to lateral raise position,

Hold 1 sec

Lateral raise, hold 1 sec,

Push to front raise position,

Hold 1 sec

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