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CrossFit Carolina Beach – Competitors Training

– Strength: This is the final week of these variations. All sets should look the same as last week, i.e. fast/smooth.

– Metcon: The goal today is to sustain 90% effort for all sets. You should need this entire rest interval to recover if you push these hard enough.

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A: Seated Dynamic Box Jumps (*After your WU sets this 15 x 1 )
to WU the CNS

“work sets” to a challenging height. every 30s.


B: Power Clean (6 x 2 @85% every 90s. – reset reps)

C: Wide Stance Box Squats (8 x 2 @60% + 25%Band tension, every 60 seconds)


D: Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds of:

20 Calorie Bike

20 Double KB OH Walking Lunges (53s, 35s)

Rest 3-4:00
Record slowest round but mark all in notes

Accessory Work

E: Reverse Hypers (3 x 30 @50% of your Back Squat. Rest 90s.)

F: Sled Drag Power Walk (400m empty)

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