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– Metcon: Todays metcon will be done with a partner and work will be split as you see fit. This piece will test your ability to sustain a high output over a long period of time. Then you will be asked to perform some barbell work in a pre-fatigued state. You should do your best to remain smooth and consistent with your barbell, alternating between partners as you see fit.

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A: Warm-up (No Measure)

5 Minutes of Dynamic Warm-up


2 Rounds of:

1 min Row/Bike/Run/Ski

*Change machine each round

5 Power cleans

4 Front squats

3 S2OH

*Add weight each round up to metcon weight


B: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

With a partner:

8 Minutes of Rowing for max distance

8 Minutes of Bike or Ski Erg for max calories

8 Minutes of Max Distance Jog

8 Minutes of:

8 Power Cleans (135, 95)

6 Front Squats (135, 95)

4 S20H (135, 95)

*One person works. Split as desired. Score = total rounds of AMRAP

L3: (115, 75)

L2: (95, 65)

L1: (75, 55)

Extra Credit

C: 5 Minutes of P. Breathing (Time)

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