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– Strength: Today we are performing a protocol for muscular hypertrophy performing 3 movements in a row then resting. This is a giant set working the same muscle groups in which people will experience high amounts of lactate production and a pump from hell. All sets should be VERY hard – close to failure. You’ll see similar work to this again next week but with different muscle groups (biceps.) This protocol was made popular by Charles Poliquin – linked article in our Facebook group.
– Metcon: As the name implies we are performing some very challenging work with the sled + loaded carry. This is another workout not to underestimate but people will be working with a partner and able to split as needed. Keep in mind the combination of sled + loaded carry will elicit a huge spike in heart-rate so it’s likely people will need more rest than they planned in the beginning – this will level off though as they adjust. Effort today should be high around 85%, but again the nature of the movements are different so peoples heart-rates will not be on the same level as yesterday – this workout will rely more on the aerobic system vs. anaerobic systems.

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A: Legless Rope Climbs (Accumulate 10 Reps.)

Adv: L-Sit Rope Climbs

B: Metcon (No Measure)

“6-12-25 Protocol”

4 Rounds of:

6 Close Grip Bench Press (70% of RM)

12 Rollback Triceps Extensions

25 Banded Triceps Pushdowns

No rest between movements, but Rest 3:00 after all three exercises.


C: Metcon (Distance)

Max Distance in 25:00 with a partner:

Asymmetrical Carry with a sled

– 1 KB in Front Rack + 1 KB Overhead

– Alternate Sides as you see fit.

– Light sled attached to weight belt at waist

– Athlete choice of scaling today – but everything should be relatively light and allow for 50-100 meter intervals of work to be done at a time.

Accessory Work

D: 5 Minutes of P. Breathing (Time)

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