"In short: I LOVE this gym!"


I feel funny using the word, “gym,” because that word had such a negative connotation for me for so long. Those negative feelings were probably associated with: the way I felt about myself when I went, the way I felt about myself when I didn’t go in, the way I felt about the other members and staff that seemed all too content with existing in their own world – thus making me feel as though I should socially isolate myself, and the general lack of enjoyment from an activity that I was “supposed” to enjoy.

10 months ago, I was new to the area, in a new job, and I was in the worst health, mental & physical, of my life. A random “bootcamp” ad for Crossfit Carolina Beach popped up on social media. I took a look and thought that I really should do something, but I wasn’t sure if this was THE answer for me. I was nervous about the “cult” stereotype of crossfit and about injuring myself, especially since I have a history of weird back things.

I sort of thought “a gym is a gym,” “a crossfit gym is a crossfit gym.” I was so uninformed, so ignorant, and so LUCKY that I stumbled across Crossfit Carolina Beach, these coaches, and this community.

I had no idea that I would EVER find a means of physical activity that I actually enjoyed. But now, 10 months later, I actually get frustrated when things prevent me from coming in and seeing friendly faces and feeling a part of a community that constantly inspires me.

The atmosphere of any community is driven by the leaders of that community and is perpetuated by the membership. This “gym” is a wonderful collection of passionate, supportive, and open humans. It is NEVER about doing THE best, it is ALWAYS about doing YOUR best…and in that, everyone is on the same journey.

10 months in, 60 lbs. down and no end in sight!

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