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– Strength: Today we’ll focus on building to a 1RM Squat clean which was last tested on 11/5/18. The goal is to end on a high note. The remainder of the strength work the purpose is time under tension, muscular hypertrophy, and to build weak links. This special exercise work is paramount in making sure people are building their weaknesses – this serves as the foundation of all fitness.

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A: Clean (1RM)

B: Metcon (Weight)

5 x 60 yards forward + 5 x 60 yards Backpedal – using the same weight. Rest 60s.

– use a medball low on your hips for drag.

– put the medball in the front rack – high on chest for the backpedal sets.

C: Dimel Deadlifts (3 x 30 @40% of Deadlift. Rest 90s.)

D: Straight Leg Raises (5 x 10. Rest 60s.)

E: Bulgarian Split Squat (using only BW: 100 Reps each leg. )

Break however needed.

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