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CrossFit Carolina Beach – Competitors Training

– Strength: Progressively build to a 3RM Wide Stance Box Squat over the course of 6-7 sets. This should include at least 3-4 ”heavy” sets. Make sure you have spotters in place on BOTH sides of the bar. We do NOT want anyone failing on these, The purpose using a box squat for max effort work is to tax the musculature of the hips, hamstrings, and glutes, as well as challenging peoples ability to reverse the action without the use of the stretch-shortening cycle. This was last tested on 3/4.

– Metcon: Long barbell complex today – 8 reps of seven different movements all of which should be done unbroken; resting 2-3 minutes between rounds. Rest in the front or back rack but try to limit your time resting in the middle of a round. Even though the weight is low, this is going to be a grind and is going to test your mental toughness.

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A: Wide Stance Box Squats (3RM. Rest 2:00)

B: Good Mornings (4 x 6-8. Rest 90s.)

– challenging weight for all sets

– bands pulling forward

– use a SSB if possible


C: Metcon (No Measure)

Barbell Complex of:

4 Rounds:

8 Deadlifts (95, 65)

8 Power Cleans

8 Front Rack Reverse Lunges each leg

8 Push Press

8 Back Squats

8 Goodmornings

8 Bent-over Rows

Rest 2:00-3:00

Accessory Work

D: Standing Banded Ab Pulldowns (100 Reps. Rest as needed.)

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