What Get’s In Your Way?

Would you like to know a secret?

It’s hard.

Like, your life in general is hard.

Kids, spouse, school, work, religion, physical health, food(oh food); it’s all so much to keep up with. And self care?!? Yeah right. Right?


Prioritizing what’s good and right yourself is even harder.  Juggling the weight of the world can make it hard to take the time for anything extra.


I’m glad the secret is out of the bag.


There is another secret I’d like to share with you…


There is help out there.

In the health and wellness space there is a whole other world of information that is convoluted, confusing, deep, and opinionated. It is hard to tell up from down.

As a matter of fact, the biggest issue I see that people have are not their goals, but getting over the barriers to their goals.


The 2 problems we run into that people have the most are:


1) Not knowing what to do with the world of information on exercise and nutrition.

The whole world of health and wellness is available at www.google.com and it is vast! You could spend a lifetime in their and find so much great info. Learning is fun! But who has the time for all of that, too?


2) Accountability.

Folks make it 1-4 months in the globo gyms of the world and have spent more energy avoiding eye contact with people than they did working out, or even meeting new and influential people. Finding the right lighting for an Instagram post, or continuing the texting conversation for the next hour can be favorite pass times of gym goers, as well as the other habit of 30 trips to the water fountain.  Or using www.google.com to look up form, safety, technique, or even an exercise to throw in the routine.


Don’t worry though, because you are super.  You are amazing.

So: what is really holding you back from progress?


At CrossFit Carolina Beach we help people reach their goals by helping them solve their problems. The barriers between you and your goals might be a new movement, or diet(probably both).

The reality for most is 1(or both) of the problems listed above.  Almost every hits the wall with information overload or accountability.


Here are the answers to the problems listed above:


1)Not knowing what to do with the world of information on exercise and nutrition.
We organize the methods and provide coaching every class so you don’t have to think or question if you are doing the “right thing”.  Everyone needs a coach.  You can pay $40 a month to go to a gym alone and spend time on Google, hoping you are making the most of your time, or you can have someone organize all the worlds info into something that works.

At CrossFit Carolina Beach you can make friends. Here you will meet people.
Teachers. Nurses. Professors. Doctors. Lawyers. EMT. Marines. Army. Fire. Small Business Owners. Carpenters. Engineers. These people are also brothers, sisters, parents, spouses, grandchildren, grandparents.
The community here helps people become their best self yet.


Does any of this sound like you? We can help.

You can schedule a free No Sweat Intro with me by clicking here.


Seriously though; we care.  We can help.



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