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– Strength: Today is Week 2 of our strength work with the banded shoulder press and our final week. All sets should be fast and efficient and people should not be even close to hitting failure or grinding repetitions. The purpose of using accommodating resistance with a shoulder process is twofold – 1) increased demand for overhead and core stability and 2) effectively develop rate of force development by providing optimal tension throughout full range of motion. The second portion of today will be spent performing horizontal rowing performing 100 inverted row at bodyweight, AFAP. Change grip as you see fit.

– Metcon: Today’s interval work is about sustaining output across all rounds – around 75% effort. Be smart how they break their sets for movements like HSPU which challenge local muscle endurance vs. a wall ball which challenges global endurance. Score = total reps completed. Overall, no one should have to rest excessively during this metcon. This metcon relies heavily on the aerobic system as much of our conditioning work does, but with the added element of staving off local fatigue. Remember, sets are only 40s so rest intervals should be kept to an absolute minimum.

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A: Shoulder Press with Bands (5 x 3 @55% of Two Friday’s Ago. Rest 60s.)

B: Inverted Barbell Rows (100 Reps. Rest as needed.)


C: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

5 Rounds of 40s on/20s off:

1a) Wall Balls (20, 14)

1b) Handstand Push-ups

1c) Alt. DB Snatches (50, 35)

1d) T2B

*Score = total reps

Accessory Work

D: Banded Hammer Curls (4 x 25. Rest 60s.)
– top range reps ONLY – don’t go all the way down

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