Heavy Metal

CrossFit Carolina Beach – Competitors Training

– Strength: Week 2 of Front Squat work and Week 1 of Power Clean + Jerk work. All sets should be smooth. For the 2 x 6 Front Squats, these should be challenging sets.
– Metcon: This session should be challenging but there should not be any breakdown with how forceful you’re able to be on each step. Go heavy.

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A: Power Clean + Push Jerk (8×2 @75%. Every 60 Seconds.)

B: Front Squat (8×2 @ 80% Every 60 Seconds. Fast reps.)

After 8×2, straight into 2×6@ 75%.

C: Seated Dynamic Box Jumps (10×3 every 60 seconds. Wear a weighted vest.)



D: Sled Drag Power Walk (10x200ft rest 60s AHAP while still being forceful.)

Then next part.

E: Reverse Sled Drag (10x100ft AHAP rest 60 Seconds. bearhug a Medball)

Wear a belt and drag it backwards

F: Farmer’s Carry (10x100ft AHAAP Rest 60 seconds. )

Farmer bars or trap bar.

Accessory Work

G: Standing Banded Ab Pulldowns (4×25 Rest 60 Sec.)


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