The Traffic in Wilmington

Are you familiar with the traffic in Wilmington?  


It seems you have to U-turn once or multiple times daily.


Sometimes, on my way to work, a very satisfying thing happens.


I pull up to the light to turn left at the Monkey Junction Post Office, and guess what?  No traffic.


I glide through the break in traffic.  Making the decision to go is easy and I never have to come to a full stop. This is an easy and safe decision.


Other times, traffic is roaring on Carolina Beach road going north.  The decision to stop is also easy. I know the repercussions of pulling through the constant stream of traffic makes not stopping a foolish choice.


But most of the time, I am met with a decision to make.  The traffic is coming in intermittent spurts.


“Do I go?”  I creep forward another foot or two, then stop.

Another break in traffic.


“F.  I should have went.”


Then after a few cycles, you see the timing and spacing of the vehicles.  You accelerate heavily, but safely into the drive.  You may even peak back in your rearview mirror and see that the oncoming car you were worried about was still another 4-5 second later than you anticipated.


“PLENTY OF TIME!” and you give yourself a fist bump.


This is kind of like the jumping off of the high dive the first time.


You walk to the edge, you contemplate, you step back.


You think about it.  You would like the rush, but, just go check one more time.  Make sure it’s “still safe.”


You think about it again, you walk up, and finally, at some point, you jump.


And you, freaking, love it.


So you walk, this time more hurriedly to the high dive, and with no hesitation, you jump, relishing in the excitement again.  And this time, without the fear, without the worry, because you know now that it is not only safe, but it is also ridiculously fun!


Understanding yourself and taking the dive requires some management.  Do it, or don’t. Jump, or walk back down the latter.


You’ll find that when you take the leap, you make it through safely, every time, and your fear just wasted the valuable time you could have spent with more time jumping.


Don’t wait and over evaluate yourself.  You most likely already know the answer.


Don’t wait for validation from friends or peers.  You do it because you want to.


Go get ‘em.

Your CFCB Fam.


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